Genevieve Revell is a popnaissance artist & visual storyteller.

Popnaissance. Noun. /pɒpneɪs(ə)ns/

A style of art that blends modern pop art and traditional renaissance art from the 14th century.


Welcome to my little corner of the world, where beautiful renaissance ladies experiment with modern tech, flamingos answer the phone and cows turn into pianos!

My popnaissance paintings all follow these simple rules:

1. People and animals must be painted from frontal or profile view (or occasionally upside down) just like Egyptian hieroglyphs.
2. If people or animals are painted in profile, they must be looking to the right with no exceptions.
3. Paintings must have a lot of contrast.
4. Paintings must explode with colour (well not literally although it would be fun to blow a painting up as an very temporary art installation).
5. A black and white painting must have at least one bold colour (rendering it an imposter black and white painting).
6. They must make you smile

I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband, Kerrin Revell (who is an abstract photographer) & daughter! I’m also an author, illustrator, photographer, videographer, video editor and clapperboard clappererer.


Original Paintings

All original paintings are currently sold. Check back soon or visit instagram to see Genevieve Revell’s progress on new projects!

Canvas prints that look just as good as the original.

A limited edition stretched canvas prints, captures not only the colour and mood of the original image but the actual brushwork as well. It comes ready to hang so you can enjoy your new artwork straight away.

Canvas Prints

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